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Meena: My Most Successful Media Initiative

In my latest memoir, My University of the World: Adventures of an International Film & Media Maker, I tell the story of the creation of Meena, a role model for girls' education, health, protection, and all child rights in South Asia. In 1990, after becoming the Chief of Communication for UNICEF in Bangladesh, I brought together a great team to create Meena—entertaining, well-researched, multimedia stories that engaged children, parents, and whole communities. Meena ran regionally for 20-25 years and continues today in Bangladesh, 32 years after launching—part of the culture now. Today, “Meena Day” is still celebrated annually in Bangladesh on September 24th, and I continue to get weekly messages from young adults, both women and men, throughout South Asia, thanking UNICEF and mentioning how these stories influenced them in their childhoods. Children and adults around the world can be entertained and educated. See more details, play the cartoons, and read the comic book episodes in English here:

Also see reviews, blogs, interviews, awards, and learn more about my other films and media initiatives in My University of the World, available through many outlets:

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